BYO Explained

Buy it blank or buy it

BYO - Bring Your Own 

With being in the printing & Embroidery industry for a number of years, We know that sometimes our customers want garments that we might not be able to get out hands on, Or that they have been given etc. 

That is why we offer this service! 

Simply just fill out the required fields in the BYO section of the website, give us as much detail as you can, and ship/ bring the garments to us! 

Its thats simple! 

There are a few thing that you need to know before handing your garments over to us - 

- If we didn't supply it, we wont replace it. - that means that we don't hold responsibility for how your garments will take to the embellishment process, but rest assured we will use our expert judgement when we receive the goods. 

- All garments must be new or dry cleaned. with the dry cleaning label attached top the garments.